Who’s behind

We Are A.forall

Filip Van de Vliet

Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director *Themtis BV

Ivo Peeters

Chief Financial Officer *HFS BV

Erik Voets

Chief Legal, ESG and Communications Officer *EV Productions BV

Gerald Lefebvre

Head of Pharmacy Sales PI Business Unit *NiKKA Management BV

Erik Lazarich

President, US

Dominique Vosse

Group HR Director *Dominique Vosse BV

Juan Chia

Chief Information Officer

Bruno Febra

Head of Commercial & Business Development Generics EU/ROW *Cellular Consulting, Lda

Bernat Guasch

Global Generics Operations Director

Damiano Vedovato

Quality Assurance Director PI & GX

Mariusz Kowalewski

Product Development Director

Grégory Tjoens

Manager at ECO.PHARMA.SUPPLY Group *Ellie SRL

Karsten Langer

President of the Board

Filip Van de Vliet

Executive Board Member *Themtis BV

Damien Gaudin

Board Member

Jatin Shah

Board Member *VS Pharma Consulting LLC

Fred Wilkinson

Board Member