ESG as part of our DNA

Towards a more sustainable world

Consistent steps lead to big changes. Together with our employees and business partners, with small and big actions, we make a difference every day.

We are 100% committed to work towards a more sustainable future


100% committed to a more sustainable
future. Natural resources are extremely
limited and our responsibility is to protect
them. Together with our employees and
partners, we have defined the first, essential
actions aimed to safeguard resources, save
energy, reduce waste, recycle and re-use
paper, carton and other raw material.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are not
just words for us. Whether they are
employees or partners, people matter
to us. Together, we can shape the
change we want to see in the world.


Our sustainability efforts can count on a
committed leadership, a team effort, an ethical
code and a robust structure to manage
processes, human resources, supply chain and
facilities. Successful integration of sustainability
within our business objectives ensures our
overall accountability.

The steps of our journey

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m² of land will be dedicated to planting trees in 2024 with two partners


Yearly tonnes of CO² carbon footprint reduction by switching to LED in our IE warehouse


Ukrainians sheltered since March 2022


employee volunteer hours in 6 months

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A.forall joins the UN Global Compact

We are proud to announce that in 2022, Alter Pharma Group joined the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative that encourages businesses to operate responsibly, in alignment with universal sustainability principles. As a participant, we are committed to creating a culture of integrity across our business, from strategy to operations.

SDG Accelerator program

We have completed The SDG Accelerator six-month program, which has allowed us to deepen the integration of the SDGs and Ten Principles into our company’s business strategy, operations, and stakeholder engagement. At A.forall, we are 100% committed to a sustainable future. We understand the importance of integrating sustainability into our core business practices and operations. By being part of the UN Global Compact, we are holding ourselves accountable for our actions and striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Our SDG commitments