Alter Pharma launches premium hand sanitizer, thanks to collaboration with award-nominated co-packer Konings

In April of this year, Alter Pharma joined forces with Konings, an award-nominated co-packing company, to produce and distribute 21,000 bottles of alcohol-based gel to pharmacies across Belgium for free. A new collaboration now resulted in Alter Pharma’s own premium hand sanitizer, called “Alter Care Protect”.

Named “Alter Care Protect,” this sanitizing gel contains the same high levels of alcohol content – 70% in fact – which gives it its active effect against the viruses or bacteria that may appear on a person’s hands. But it comes with several additional features that make its use pleasant to all the senses. For comfort and so that repeated use does not result in dry hands, the gel also contains Aloe Vera, a plant that is famous for its moisturizing properties. Furthermore, Eucalyptus was added to the formula, ensuring that the scent of the gel is pleasant and fresh – as we all now know, some gels can give off a powerful odor.

“We are very proud of our partnership with Konings. It is a collaboration that is very positive and constructive,” said Erik Voets, Alter Pharma’s CLO & Communications Director in an interview about the new sanitizer, which will be available starting this week at select pharmacies across Belgium.

Alter Pharma is pleased to continue contributing to a healthier and safer community. For more information, please check out the launch video below and the full version of the press release in English, French or Dutch.