First Alter Pharma product hits the US market: Sandoz launches generic injectable acetaminophen developed by Milla Pharmaceuticals

Sandoz generic injectable acetaminophen, developed by Milla Pharmaceuticals (member of the Alter Pharma Group), immediately available to US patients upon launch

On 8 December 2020, Sandoz announced the US launch of its generic injectable acetaminophen (paracetamol IV), available as 100 mL glass vial containing 1,000 mg acetaminophen (10 mg/mL). The generic drug is used in adult and pediatric patients of two years and older to relieve mild to moderate pain and to treat moderate to severe pain in conjunction with opioid analgesics. It can also be used to reduce fever.

“At Sandoz, we are continuously growing our injectable medicines portfolio to ensure patients across the US have access to important medicines when they need them, especially in the hospital setting,” said Carol Lynch, President of Sandoz Inc. in the press release that was issued for the occasion.

“This launch, the very first US launch of an Alter Pharma product and therefore a big milestone for the Alter Pharma Group, allows us to fully play the role we believe we should play towards society, and that is to make affordable high-quality medicines available to all” said Filip Van de Vliet, CEO of the Alter Pharma Group, linking to Sandoz’s launch statement.

Milla Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a member of the Alter Pharma Group, engaged in the development, licensing / acquisition and commercialization of generic prescription drugs for the US market focused on niche injectable and solution products for hospitals and clinics. Go to for more information on the company and its products.

For more information on the launch, read the full Sandoz press release here.