The Alter Pharma Group is becoming A.forall

The Alter Pharma Group is excited to announce its rebranding, uniting all its brands and businesses. We were already sharing One Mission, and now we also share one brand, one name: A.forall.

This change represents an important milestone in A.forall’s pursuit of a world where patients can access high-quality, safe and innovative medicines at an affordable price and strengthens A.forall’s commitment to #MakingAffordableMedicinesAvailableToAll, offering new synergies and ways to leverage the skills and capacities of its 144 employees around the world.

“A.forall” is more than a name: it’s a promise – for Accessibility, for Assurance, and for All – a pledge to make healthcare affordable for everyone, everywhere.

Join A.forall into a new era in healthcare.

Full press release can be found here in EN, FR and NL.